Whats your fav recipe for a Nutri Ninja smoothie

autumnwinds, Jan 5, 5:35am

jord37, Jan 13, 9:33am
Love my fruit smoothies Mixtures of Banana,fresh berries , Apple .pineapple,with yoghurt and a little soya milk.

angie117, Jan 13, 6:18pm
Love mine - my favourite is kale, banana, blueberries, 1/2 cup coconut water.
I cut up bananas and freeze them in a snap lock bag, ready to go for smoothies. I always use kale or spinach as a base. Strawberries, raspberries., watermelon, pineapple, kiwifruit, oranges, avacado all go well,. Experiment with different things. It hasnt upset my stomach it all.

autumnwinds, Jan 13, 8:48pm
I'm now experimenting a lot more. Often I use beetroot as a base and to save waste I cut a whole one into small cubes (or grate) and seal the rest into snaplock bags and freeze. I also do the same with broccoli stems (or use fresh). These make a great base for a berry smoothie (with greek yogurt - I make mine with coconut milk rather than dairy) and you do not notice the vegies but get the goodness.

I must say it's a bit daunting to start out making your own combinations, but your appliance book will give you ideas, and you soon get confident. The freezer and snaplock bags (properly vacumned out) certainly save waste of the more expensive fruits, and make it more fun trying different tastes.

For those like me, with limited appetites, it's a great way to both tempt appetites and ensure you are getting nutrition of the best kind - fresh veges and fruit, full of vitamins

coolnzmum, Jan 13, 8:55pm
Don't have one but when making a smoothie in normal blender I just use what ever fruit and vegies I have on hand. I make with milk though not water and ice. Never had a problem with stomach reacting to a smoothie.

joel14, May 14, 2:12am
Have just been given one for xmas and keen to try it out. I have just been reading on here that it can be very hard on the stomach so would love to hear what you put in your smoothies that didn't upset the stomach! thanks

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