Can sheep's kidneys be frozen?

elsielaurie1, Apr 21, 4:13am
I can't find any in the local supermarkets so am about to give then a phone call. But before I do I want to find out, if I am able to get kidneys, if they can be frozen. A beef stew in nothing without a kidney for that extra touch of flavour!

rainrain1, Apr 21, 4:37am
Too right they can, we chop them up and put in the bag along with the cut up steak and freeze together, all ready just to put in the pot when you want to cook a stew.
But you can also freeze them whole

beaker59, Apr 21, 5:00am
Yeah works as good as any other meat.

fifie, Apr 21, 5:12am
I keep them frozen whole butcher gets them for me, great for stews and even sliced cooked with sage on toast yum.

hd07, Sep 25, 6:01pm
Yep, I freeze them whole and just take out a couple as I need them. Just made a beef, kidney and guiness stew last night. Yum.

Ps. Kids still have no idea I put kidneys in my stews lol.

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