Air fryers

sultana0, Apr 20, 8:34am
I want one I think, but Mr reckons you can't cook things like samosas and moneybags in them. Anyone tried?

clair4, Apr 20, 8:51pm
I have bought a Phillips and love it. It cooks chips nice and brown with no fat. Bread Rolls are hot and crusty, Toasted sandwiches cook both sides without turning. Chicken nibbles etc cook and brown perfectly.
I do not use the recipe book. Cheese on toast.
I have the small size which is suitable for the 2 of us.

eljayv, Apr 20, 9:04pm
Yes I have one cooks chicken beautifully and friend uses one to reheat fish and chips from takeaway as it removes excess fat and I cook my roast vege in it but I realise it is capable of much more.

starbritedust, Apr 25, 11:45pm
Hi I have made a board on Pinterest of Air Fryer recipes there is such a variety that you will be amazed what you can cook with it :)

you can go here

deus701, Apr 26, 1:38pm
I bought the tefal actifry one . 3 times now. First one I gave it to my parents since they love it, second was off trademe and died, and third from briscoes.

I did cooked samosas in it, just remove the paddle. And it cooks Romano's Pizza perfectly (you can get them from countdown, etc), I just cut a hole where the paddle is, remove the paddle and place the pizza in.

awoftam, Apr 27, 3:39am
Timely thread (for me) I have been looking at them as well, the Phillips one seems to have the best reviews. Given I am on my own it would save me using my oven all the time which is a waste of power, and seems to be better than a bench top oven.

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