Is there anything better than.

Homemade apple pie with your own apples?
Except for trifle.

Chef_gaspodetwd, Mar 9, 5:21 am

I would have to agree. about the apple pie. The way my mum used to make it from our windfall apples - lightly stewed first with whole cloves, in a home made flaky puff pastry - with lashings of vanilla flavoured sweetened whipped cream.

Chef_kaddiew, Mar 9, 5:45 am

Stop it, Makes me so envious!

Chef_clair4, Mar 9, 5:49 am

Sliced apples lightly sauted in a little butter, brown sugar, cinnamon & pinch of nutmeg with some raisins added. Cool mixture before making the pie.

Chef_nauru, Mar 9, 7:21 am

Yummm. last Autumn I made a large lasagne dish sized blackberry and apple pie, made short crust pastry for the base and sides, filled it with sliced Granny Smith apples, with some of my blackberries added from the freezer mixed in. filled the dish to the top with those, made apple crumble mix and sprinkled that over. nine of us enjoyed it for dessert. and it was made with just 3 Granny Smith apples from my tree! This seasons apples are large already.

Chef_juliewn, Mar 13, 9:51 am

Yes. two homemade apple pies with home grown apples

Chef_thewomble1, Mar 13, 10:43 am

My Mum's Apple Crumble was our favourite and it was very popular with visitors. My sister's best friend would be over very quickly if she found out it was on the menu.

Chef_zsazsa777, Dec 29, 6:08 pm

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