Pumpkin in soupmaker

kclu, Apr 19, 6:22am
Anyone tried making pumpkin soup in a soupmaker without removing skin first? Prefer buttercup where skin is really hard.

thewomble1, Apr 19, 12:22pm
No . I always cut the skin off.
Probably OK to use with skin but just before it whizzes remove the skins.
Easier to remove before cooking.

beaker59, Apr 19, 12:57pm
roast the pumpkin first then remove skins and whizz up makes a far more flavourful soup.

lilyfield, Apr 19, 7:45pm
Skin cooks as fast as the flesh. I always leave mine on, you do not see it after whizzing.

mjhdeal, Apr 19, 7:49pm
I don't have a soupmaker, but I always leave the skin on, like lilyfield, I don't notice it blended up.
P.S. I just googled: apparently the skin is a source of calcium and iron. Source: http://www.nzbsc.com/nutrition.php

sampa, Sep 30, 9:02am
I tend to peel before placing in the soupmaker but. I'm very interested in the comments saying there's really no need. Suits me (peeling pumpkins is not my all time fav occupation) and I'd imagine you'd gain extra nutrients as well. Might give it a go that way next time.

PS - last time I made pumpkin soup in SM I had a couple of halves of roasted gem squash (the ones that look like mini pumpkins) left over from a roast dinner the night before. I bake them in halves with maple syrup, butter and garlic salt and thought, why not, don't want to waste them so scooped the insides out (easy as anything after cooking in oven) and added them to soup. Delicious!

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