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I know some knowledgeable foodies lurk in recipes so I'm hoping you can assist.
Neogolisms are newly coined words or expressions - made up words. An example would be Kumfs . . . . However, my students are doing food advertising and we are trying to think of food related neogolisms - we have come up with cronuts, whoopie pies and sliders . . . can you people think of any others? Neogolisms are not substitute words like chevon for goat. Love to have some more to add to our list

Chef_murfee, Feb 27, 6:31 am

The cronut guy has now brought out the "Waffogato" (combination of Waffle and "affogato", a type of coffee drink). Then there's banoffee, Tofurkey, Soyogurt, Not Dogs (veggie hot dogs). there are probably a few more vegetarian ones but I can't think of any.

Chef_drsr, Feb 27, 7:00 am

Turducken - boned-out turkey that's stuffed with a boned-out duck that's stuffed with a boned-out chicken. :-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 27, 7:58 am

Turduckenqua. Add in quail

Chef_wendalls, Feb 27, 8:04 am

A "Duffin" which is a doughnut/muffin hybrid. Starbucks have trademarked it apparently.

Chef_herself, Feb 27, 8:09 am

Mochaccino? Frappacino. fluffy? Spider,

Chef_wendalls, Feb 27, 8:10 am

I have an as-yet untried recipe for 'Quiffins' - little quiche made in muffin tins. :-))

Edited to add another a couple of thoughts. Craisins and Scroggin. :-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 27, 8:21 am

thanks so much - REALLY helpful :-)

Chef_murfee, Feb 27, 8:31 am

Hate to be that person, but it's "neologism."

Chef_mjhdeal, Feb 27, 7:08 pm

We called an Icecream Soda a Spider when we were kids, does that count? Fizzy drink and icecream together

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 27, 8:49 pm

We call honey - beejam (not sure if that's what you mean tho))

Chef_asue, Mar 2, 9:19 am

An aside: I worked in a tearooms and an ice cream soda was the fizzy drink poured over the ice cream, a spider was when it was whipped on the milk shake machine - two different drinks :)

Chef_unicstudent, Jan 20, 1:17 am

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