do you double chocolate cake cook time when double

silver.pear, May 7, 9:05am
the receipe. I always get stuck on this one. hope someone can help me out there in oven now... . cheers :-)

silver.pear, May 7, 9:19am
does anybody know? ? bump, May 7, 9:22am
No. . you'd end up with a burnt mess

I normally add 20% cooking time on top if I doublea mix especially if the tin is more full than with a single (making it in a bigger tin) mix.

However in saying that... I cook using my senses... if cooking a sweet thing I can smell the "sugars" develop (and when I say that I don't mean I can smell the sugar in it) and it starts to smell cooked... I don't think I have ever really followed a cooking time to the tee as so many ovens vary and they just never cook the same in the same amount of time.

The more you cook/bake the more you learn I guess and the more natural it comes.

silver.pear, May 7, 9:32am
oh cool maxwell thanks for that. I know what you mean about the cooking smell - thanks a mill. I was also going to do the needle test too and be guided by that. . cheers heaps Nickie :-), May 7, 10:15pm
There u go :o) you got it!

Happy baking :o)

alewis, Apr 10, 11:01pm
another hint is look at the sides of the tin, when the cake is cooked it comes away from the sides a bit, I always put a needle in the middle just to make sure, and turn the cake around so it cooks evenly...

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