Deli Meat Platter

georgep31, Feb 4, 8:39am
Trying to work out quantities needed per person.
Deli meat tray (prob 3-4 kinds of meat), with cheese, lettuce, tomato etc, so guests could either pick or make a sandwich.
How many grams of meat (total) should I allow per person.

(Adults eating. Think maybe enough meat for 1.5 sandwiches each?)

Thoughts? Thanks!

rainrain1, Feb 5, 5:34am
Plenty, some might pick up 2 or three slices for each sandwich. 100grams per person, plus 3 or 4 small pieces of chicken each, . I'm just guessing, anyone else?
Depends if it's a rugby team or a team of ballet dancing ladies, all I can suggest is too much looks best

lodgelocum, Feb 5, 7:34am
Would suggest 100 grams meat per person also, we always based our catering on this.

aisling8, Feb 5, 9:53am
As in #3 We always allowed 100gms per person A little more rather than less Small dinner buns placed in a basket could be an alternative for bread.

duckmoon, Mar 27, 12:46am
100 g is what I would cater

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