terraalba, Feb 17, 2:11am
Came across a recipe that suggested that zucchini can be spiralised in a gadget that's designed for the purpose. The other alternative was to use a mandolin. This is to make spagetti-like strips as a low-carb option instead of spaghetti. Well I do have a mandolin kind of gadget so did that but am wondering if anyone who has a spiraliser could tell me if these gadgets are useful and successful please

jcdm, Feb 17, 2:40am
Some of them are really really expensive . just buy one that looks like a peeler . (hand tool type) does the same job

nauru, Feb 17, 6:36am
I use a julienne slicer that I use, I find it better than my mandolin. It looks like a regular vege peeler with teeth. I bought it from Stevens originally, link below. It's great for veges for wraps and stirfries too

patches151, Feb 18, 10:10am
Stevens have got them on special. They where just displaying this morning. They looked as though it would take up a it of room storing it. Look on the website the sonnet kitchen she shows you how to make courgette spaghetti.

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