I have celery, tin salmon ,cream cheese

glynsmum, Jan 29, 8:58pm
what finger food can I make oh and bread suggestions please?

sarahb5, Jan 29, 9:14pm
Cream cheese in the celery, make croutons out of the bread and mash the cream cheese and salmon together to make a pate. Do have lemon juice or capers?

dibble35, Jan 29, 9:17pm
As above make a spread out of the drained salmon and cream cheese. If you have parsley add a bit of that. Done in the food processor gives it a nice smooth consistency

245sam, Jan 29, 9:24pm
If you have crystallised ginger, very finely chop it and mix it into the cream cheese before filling celery stalks with the mixture - an oldie very tempting finger food. :-))

rainrain1, Jan 29, 9:27pm
Drain the salmon, finely chop your celery, stir both into the cream cheese, then. hey presto! Forget the onion if you use the celery


glynsmum, Apr 14, 3:12am
Oh Thanks everyone yes to lemon and capers thats such a great help.I wasn't sure of the tin salmon everyone seemed to say smoked salmon.

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