Pounds conversion

Chef_nzlingerie, May 15, 10:32 am
Found an old recipe for fruit loaf. It says. 1 lb sultanas, 1/2 lb butter (that one is easy) and 1 1/2 lb flour. Can anyone recommend an online conversion?

Chef_coromandelbliss, May 15, 10:37 am

Chef_cgvl, May 15, 11:45 am
1lb is approx 450g, so 1½ lb would be 680g.
A precise measure is 454g =1lb

Just be careful which conversion method you use as US measures are often different to ours. Try to use a UK or Aus measuring system if you can.

Chef_nzlingerie, May 16, 3:21 am
thanks heaps :)

Chef_pogram0, Jul 30, 9:09 am
Just Google 'pounds to kilograms' and plenty of conversion sites will come up.

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