Old style transparent pyrex

moparpete, Feb 4, 3:05am
or Marinex kind of jug(500ml capacity). Got one from op shop(impulse buying) and couldnot read the bottom to see if it's microwave safe.All I can see through hazy glass is France written on it. Any idea how to find out or if anyone have one of these could you please let me know weather it is microwave safe.Thanks in advance.

anne1955, Feb 4, 3:36am
Yes they are :) But do remember not all things last for ever and I guess I it was used all the time in a microwave then it might be semi fragile I have seen other things explode but that was many, many years ago and technology now isn't probably as harsh. Just try it with it half full of water.

retired, Feb 4, 4:35am
I have a Pyrex basin given to us 62 years ago at our engagement party. Still going strong but looks 'very used'. It came with a Coronation embossed casserole, unfortunately this got broken many years ago!

biggles45, Feb 4, 5:55am
We have a pyrex bowl like that. it is the weighing/mixing bowl from a set of scales mum bought for me about 45 years ago. very scratched and chipped now - but such a useful size (bigger than a pudding basin, but smaller than the average mixing bowl). It goes in the microwave frequently. And, yes, I still use the scales most days and they seem to still be accurate!

kaddiew, Feb 4, 6:24am
I have the same one, and it just has France written on the bottom, nothing else. Oh, and "toughened and shock resistant" in red on one side below the measurements. It's scratched and cloudy, but is in the microwave or oven several times a week, and still going strong.

tessie2, Mar 28, 6:01pm
My 2 litre pyrex jug/bowl is now 30 years old. Bought it when I got my first microwave. Am astounded as I hadn't given much thought to it's age before. Has been in the microwave countless times and is scratched from all the beating that has been done in it over the years. Its my "go to" bowl that is used several times a week. I'll be devastated if anything happens to it as you can't buy this shape anymore. My Mum has a set of pink pyrex bowls that she must have had for about 50 years. A lot of the colour has come off but still going strong.

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