We have a fig tree covered in figs, what can you do with them other then eat them raw

Chef_molly_8, Mar 9, 10:02 pm

Preserve them with ginger, fig jam, fig chutney, fig dessert, fig bread, fig paste.
Google is your friend - just enter fig recipes.

Chef_allspices, Mar 9, 10:59 pm

sell them on trademe.

Chef_mothergoose_nz, Mar 9, 11:15 pm

I put them in salads with feta or ricotta, basically a Greek salad with figs.

Chef_davidt4, Mar 9, 11:57 pm

I have 2 trees and the birds love them. Have tried putting net over, but still seem to get in. Any suggestions to stop them until I can harvest some for myself.

Chef_clair4, Mar 10, 6:47 am

yum = send me same please lol. Lucky you. bake them with a cheese - cant remember which one and presheuto - I know I cant spell

Chef_jenniferanne, Mar 10, 7:11 am

Prosciutto? A salty cured Italian meat ?

Chef_davidt4, Mar 10, 8:51 am

Thankyou all, I will try some of your suggestions,do you leave the skins on when you cook them?

Chef_molly_8, Mar 10, 8:34 pm

I don't mind if the birds get a share. I love birds in my garden even though it does mean I have to spend considerable time and effort keeping them away from my vegetable patch. Figs, like most of my home grown fruit, get eaten raw and fresh, given away to anyone who wants some and shared with birds. There is always enough to go round and there is always some sort of fruit available all year round.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 10, 8:40 pm

We try to co-exist peacefully with the birds too. They get their share of the figs, but so do we. Their main nuisance value is pulling out our lettuce plants, but they make up for that by keeping us pretty well free of slugs and snails.

Chef_davidt4, Mar 10, 9:20 pm

When you cook figs do you leave the skins on ?
and what are they like in a pie or tart?

Chef_molly_8, Mar 11, 8:40 pm

Yes leave the skins on and delicious in a tart.

Chef_malcovy, Mar 11, 9:21 pm

Thankyou malcovy will have a go at baking a fig tart maybe with some other fruit as well

Chef_molly_8, Mar 12, 12:46 am

Nice sliced in half, a small bit of butter and honey drizzled over each one and baked for a short time in the oven, - devine

Chef_bobbin2, Mar 14, 6:43 am

Sounds delicious and so quick and easy,must try this thanks bobbin

Chef_molly_8, Mar 14, 8:09 pm

slice in 1/2 small amount brown sugar and port, slow bake. yum

Chef_highspot, Dec 26, 8:01 am

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