Rolling pin, wooden or stainless?

wron, Jan 27, 1:42am
I've seen a very clever one online, has little disks at each end so, so can roll at specific thicknesses, or remove and use as normal.
The stainless model can be popped in a freezer to cool down.
Which to buy, wood or metal - a bit more expensive.

westigal, Jan 27, 2:05am
I compromised on my rolling pin, saw a really nice looking green coloured bottle of white wine, with a long narrow body years ago. justified the expense by saying it was multipurpose. And years later it is the only one that I use. If making pastry I just fill it with cold water (kept the cap) and chill it for a couple of hours or so and it is fantastic. So really got a good bargain.
But to answer your question, how often will you use it, if regularly I would opt for the metal one, the wooden ones don't seem to be the same quality these days. My mother still has her wooden one from when she got married, but the ones today seem very cheap wood and very light weight.

sla11, Jan 27, 2:05am
SS more hygienic but Mum always had a wooden one and I've followed suit. Does the job, give it a good scrub and a dose of sunshine to bleach it, not a worry!

lilyfield, Jan 27, 3:12am
I love my marble one, always cool, nice and heavy, cool down even more in fridge for puff pastry

laspaz, Jan 27, 3:16am
I find flour sticks to a wooden pin better, which makes what you are rolling less likely to stick.

wron, Jan 27, 11:27am
Thanks for all the replies and suggestions!

cleggyboy, Jan 29, 3:15am
The old wringer washing machines are the way to go.

floralsun, Jan 31, 3:09am
And roll pastry or biscuit dough etc., between two pieces of baking paper - no sticking!

popeye333, Apr 9, 1:11am
Love my marble one too. Also called a Marriage Guidance Counsellor, cos no one will argue with you , if you have the rolling pin in your hand lol

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