Layered vergetable bake - with arrowroot?

Hi can you help. few years back would go to a cafe (no longer there) in a large dish they had a vegetable bake which from what I remember had slices layered of kumara pumpkin capsicum zucini (and probably other veges) which seemed to be roasted, a slice would be about 2 inch high and I guess baked to finish. It was kinda "glued" together with a clear like substance (just enough to keep veges stuck together). Might this have been arrowroot (never used) and any idea how to or what else it may have been. was so yummy!

Chef_muelenbeckia, Mar 4, 8:14 am

use it like cornflour. it is similar to cornflour. makes a lighter doesn't really have a flavour

Chef_mothergoose_nz, Mar 4, 9:23 am

corn flour and a nice chicken stock . i used to do a potatoe and onion one that you dropped the sliced verg in boiling water untill ti spud went glassy on the edges and then tipped it into a roasting dish and covered with milk and cheese and egg dot the top with butter and roast for about an hour .its yummy and you can dish it up in slices

Chef_whitehead., Jan 11, 4:43 pm