Menu for Christmas Day brunch

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kassie48, Dec 6, 6:02am
Ideas please

motorbo, Dec 6, 6:40am
don't you have a fave meal plan for the day? I find people tend to stick to their family tradition

kassie48, Dec 6, 7:11am
Family aren't big eaters. Was thinking breakfast sausages, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit salad, bacon, croissants, o.j
First time cook!

teddy147, Dec 6, 7:12am
All of my life bar the last 2 years we had a fancy breakfast, bacon n eggs, grilled tomatoes etc. but I put a stop to it as its just to much added work when cooking a huge lunch etc,
so we just have a normal brekkie tomatoe on toast.

huggy5, Dec 6, 7:15am
For Christmas day I'd maybe try and make it more festive (not what you'd have for an everyday brunch).
I'd maybe use the croissants and eggs and do eggs benedict on the croissant with really nice smoked salmon. And mushrooms and tomatoes on the side.

valentino, Dec 6, 7:41am
Who worries about breakfast especially once one has a nice cuppa.

After that too busy getting into the Christmas spirit, including sampling etc ensuring all is okay I think is enough.

Same with the evening, still sampling (the leftovers this time LOL).

nauru, Dec 6, 7:58am
Light breakfast Christmas Day here, may be fresh fruit as lunch is usually fairly big, maybe something light later on if anyone is hungry

sossie1, Dec 6, 8:03am
for me it's the easy option.

Day before. cook the spuds and pasta for salads. make the custard and jelly for the trifle. Make the dressing and garlic butter.
On the day, 2 chickens to roast, an assortment of sausages for the BBQ. whip the cream for the trifle, chop up all the stuff for potato and pasta salads, make a lettuce/tomato etc salad. already have nice breads to fill with the garlic butter.
And an assortment of chocolate, cheese, and ready made pesto/hummus etc.
Leaves more time for filling up wine glasses

kassie48, Dec 6, 8:23am
Thanks, didn't, think of Salmon

madj, Dec 6, 11:22am
Our 'Christmas Day' this year is on the 27th as I am working right through, so on our Christmas day breakfast/brunch my daughter is going to cook corn fritters with bacon, salsa, avocado and sour cream.

rainrain1, Dec 6, 5:38pm
Strawberry Stuffed French Toasts

1 croissant per person
Strawberry jam
Chopped up strawberries sprinkled with caster sugar
Eggs and milk
Vanilla essence
Whipped cream
Icing sugar

Heat oven to keep croissants warm. It’s best for handling if the croissants are a day old but it doesn’t matter. Split the croissants and spread with some jam. Put a good tablespoon or more of chopped strawberries into the croissant with the jam.
Beat eggs and some milk and the vanilla. Dip the croissant in and cook in a frypan with melted butter, turn and cook both sides - just like French toast.
Keep warm in the oven until you have cooked all the croissants - you may have to add more butter to the pan. Arrange on a serving platter. Shake icing sugar over the dish, and pile more strawberries on top. Serve with whipped cream. Enjoy! The platter should look very festive.

2spotties, Dec 6, 5:49pm
We will be having omelettes for breakfast but only cause I got hubby a omelette pan :)

This is a easy and yummy breakfast that really doesn't take much effort nor your time and attention away from what's going on. Serve with some yummy toast and eggs.
Breakfast Sausage Bake
16 Breakfast sausages
1 red capsicum cut into chunks
1 red onion cut into wedges
Rosemary Sprigs
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Punnet cherry toms
1/4c Basil or parsley

Heat oven to 200c. Place sausages, capsicum, onion and rosemary into a dish. Drizzle with the olive oil. Bake for 20mins then add tomatoes. Season.
Cook for a further 5 minutes. Serve garnished with basil/parsley.

lythande1, Dec 6, 5:50pm
Really? So who is going to eat all that then? And then have a big dinner?
Have a cuppa and a piece of toast.

kassie48, Dec 7, 12:17am
That's why it's Brunch, no lunch and tea at another relatives

kaddiew, Dec 7, 1:34am
Yum! : )

kiwilion, Dec 7, 3:02am
I really like this easy option! Have already decided to not do the turkey this year. Maybe next mid-winter . lol

jallen2, Dec 7, 3:32am
I made these last year and they were such a hit they will be our new tradition.
Plus ham, cheese tomato croissants.
So easy and I got the french toast roll ups started the day before so it really didn't take much effort on the day.
You don't need a lot because people will be eating all day -

motorbo, Dec 7, 5:36am
xmas has always been one meal at around midday and pudding for dinner

poppy5791, Dec 8, 10:39pm
Yum, I'm going to try these

sarahb5, Dec 9, 1:40am
We don't really have any family food traditions at Christmas as there's only the 5 of us - no rellies to say "we have to have this" or "you forgot to make that". Our brunch, because Mr 17 has to go to work at lunchtime, is hashbrowns, bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes followed by Christmas log - that should keep us going until the dinner's ready and if not well we find something else.

uli, Dec 9, 6:08am
bump for other "first time cooks".

duckmoon, Dec 9, 6:20am
sounds great

awoftam, Dec 9, 6:59am
I am sure it is amazing, esp with a nice strong coffee to cut through the sweetness. Can't do anything like that as Type 1 diabetics in the family so will be starting the day with savoury instead of sweet. Piperade is a fav:

awoftam, Dec 9, 7:04am
That sounds great. I just can't do a big meal at any time, then dessert as well so always split them. Also don't use Xmas as an excuse to overindulge, can't see the point.

clareo, Dec 9, 7:51am
Scorched almonds! Family tradition - Dad used to love them and scoff them before lunch, now I do and my children do the same! It's the only day we eat them!