Leg of lamb

whistlingwings, Jan 28, 5:41am
Hi, I have cooked a leg of lamb today for tea tomorrow night. What would be the best way to warm the meat up. Would you wrap it in tinfoil and place into an oven for a hour to heat through. Could I heat it up in the microwave. Finally, I could make a gravy in a large frypan, slice the meat and add to the gravy and warm through. Suggestions please as to the best way so the lamb does not dry out.

samanya, Jan 28, 5:48am
I'm no expert, but when I have left over lamb (which is often, small household & home kill lamb/hogget) I often reheat in the gravy & it's as good as the first meal.

beaker59, Jan 28, 10:55am
Yup that's exactly what I do too, cut up the left over roast veg and put that in too with the gravy. If I know there will be left overs I usually make extra gravy.

whistlingwings, Jan 28, 8:00pm
Thank you for your replies. Off to make the gravy.

john946, Jan 31, 7:29am
If there's any left over for the following night, I often make a Shepherd's Pie with the leftover minced up roast, left over gravy, some onion, with mashed potatoes on top. Everyone at home loves this - and easy to make in advance, put in frig & heat up in oven. C

john946, Jan 31, 7:30am
Whistlingwings - Meant to have added, I wouldn't be inclined to microwave the meat to heat it up - I've tried this in the past, and the meat goes tough. C

sarahb5, Jan 31, 7:38am
I reheat in the microwave with the sliced meat in the gravy - no problem at all

sticky232, Feb 1, 5:28am
I put sliced meat in gravy and heat through in oven and have made Shepherds pie as well same as johns

alophia, Feb 1, 6:28pm
Why would you reheat it at all. You cannot beat cold leg of lamb.

rainrain1, Feb 1, 7:07pm
With mint jelly

deanna14, Apr 5, 8:47am
I have reheated by wrapping in foil and putting back in the roasting dish and then boiling water into the dish and into a 150C oven for a while. Keeps it moist.

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