Ashburton Cooking Classes

daddylegs, Sep 19, 12:20am
Myself and a couple of my chef buddies are thinking of starting up a cooking school early next year to help our community learn to cook healthy meals from scratch using fresh food. Just seeking some feedback if our Ashburton residents and surrounding areas would be interested in this going ahead. It will be designed around the needs of individuals that are on budgets, teens going into the renting market or if you just want to learn. Thoughts and Ideas appreciated

pickles7, Sep 19, 4:03am
Why not take on, Celebrity chef Jo Seagar's North Canterbury café and cook school.

245sam, Sep 19, 4:12am
I assumed that because daddylegs' is an Ashburtonian according to her profile that she wishes to remain there with this proposed venture. :-))

petal1955, Sep 19, 5:44am
Good Luck. I wish you well.I tried to do the same thing in Lower HUtt and sadly was not a lot of interest. perhaps a small country town with a "sense of community" would work better. GOOD LUCK

daddylegs, Sep 19, 6:51am
Yes it is for ashburton area and don't want to be too costly for the community to come along and have some fun while they learn. We are looking to hire a school kitchen or polytechnic just putting feelers out there we have other ladies keen to pass on their skill ie preserving and a king pickles an chutneys we also have a Japanese lesson available so we want to listen also to what individuals would like to learn especially so we can cater to everyone's needs.

nadineb, Sep 24, 7:45am
In Southland we have REAP which offer all kinds of classes around Southland and they also do the promoting do you anything like this in Ashburton that you can approach.

cgvl, Oct 6, 8:49am
Wish I stilled lived down that way as I would be in like flynn. Would love to learn how to make a few Japanese style meals. The other ones such as pickles, chutney's and jam I do quite well . But the idea of teaching how to cook good wholesome meals on a tight budget would be worth while for many.

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