Sharpening a plane grater?

Hi there

My plane grater which I love is getting blunt, is there a way to sharpen it? I not sure there is, but thought i would ask :) It was on the $$ side and ive only had for about 2 years. Thank you :)

Chef_holly-rocks, Mar 18, 11:29 pm

sandpaper. get a very fine sandpaper and lightly sand the grater side. then wash the grater out in hot soapy water.
I've not done this myself but saw it on TV ages ago and it looked fairly straight forward

Chef_muffin2, Mar 19, 12:03 am

Awesome thank you so much muffin2. Will give that a go :)

Chef_holly-rocks, Mar 19, 12:18 am

Or a fine diamond file. Mitre 10 have them. We use one for knife sharpening.

Chef_olwen, Mar 19, 12:21 am

Awesome thank you :)

Chef_holly-rocks, Mar 19, 1:50 am

Preserving rubber rings do you have to renew each year? Had some jars r given to me but not used by me before I'm only a beginner. Thank you.

Chef_tessie34, Dec 14, 8:15 am

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