Easy Fudge.

fifie, May 15, 11:08am
For anyone looking for a easy fudge recipe to wrap in cellophane for gifts. Found this on a slow cooker site and its brilliant, the slow cooker is ideal to make fudge in.
500 gr chocolate of choice., ( 2 cakes of whitakers )
395 gr tin condensed milk.
Tablespoon Butter
Teaspoon Vanilla.
Cut chocolate into small pieces, put in cooker add condensed milk, butter, vanilla, LID OFF cook around 90 minutes depending on your cooker on low, stirring every 15 minutes with a METAL spoon.
Pour into a dish when done lined with baking paper and sit in fridge overnight to set. Next day cut into squares keep in a container in the fridge.
You can use any chocolate with nuts etc in it or add chopped marshmallows, m&m's or sweets of your choice at the last, or just put them on top so they dont melt in with the chocolate. Use your imagination as to what you put on top or in it.
MOST IMPORTANT DONT use a wooden spoon as moisture can come out of it and dont put a lid on cooker as the moisture will seize the chocolate.
its done when you can see a fine film on top, and its quite sweet.

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