Electric Frypans - what do you recommend

clareo, Jan 23, 9:58pm
Thought I should update this - we purchased a Breville Banquet Stainless Steel Pan - and honestly the best pan I think we have ever owned. Very heavy but cooks so evenly and the thermostat does exactly what it should - so so far we have been very happy with this purchase.

esther-anne, Jan 24, 4:14am
Oh the irony - I was just about to post and say don't buy Breville. Ours has been nothing but trouble and we have had a new thermostat. I find the markings difficult to read on the thermostat and it cooks anything but evenly to be honest, the heat seems almost uncontrollable. We thought there was a fault with the first one and sent it back to Breville but this second one is the same. I really really dislike it and intend to replace it with something else - hence I was reading this thread with interest.

The most robust little one we had was a plain and simple Sunbeam - didn't have a non-stick base, in fact the idea was hardly conceived then - and it gave staunch reliable service for nearly 20 years. Wish I could find one exactly like that - back in the day when I didn't need to have been to SpecSavers so that I could read the thermostat on my Breville!

frances1266, Jan 24, 4:24am
Russell Hobbs non stick are really good.

clareo, Jan 24, 4:42am
I just checked our thermostat - the readings are so large and clear. It is also Stainless as opposed to non stick. So it looks like the thermostats vary on models - but ours so far has been awesome.

popeye333, Jan 24, 5:25am
I gave up buying non stick ones as they always peeled. The one I have is a sunbeam, doesn't appear to throw any fuses. The stainless one.
But I bought non stick BBQ Liner sheets and cut them in half and use those in the pan.
Means food doesn't stick. the fat etc that comes out of the food will fry on the pan but a nice soak with hot soapy water soon takes care of that. And the non stick sheets last ages.

nauru, Jan 24, 8:38am
Popeye, using baking paper works well too.

esther-anne, Jan 24, 9:22am
I suspect that perhaps yours is a newer model than ours then clareo - ours is about 7 years old.

The thermostat genuinely is a pain in the proverbial, it's big, hard to turn even, and the markings are difficult to read - I often turn it up when I think I'm reducing the heat. My husband manages it better than I do but he also detests the damn thing!

I like the suggestions above of not buying non-stick but using baking paper if you think it's necessary though my old trustie one didn't know about baking paper - baking paper wasn't born in those days lol!

clareo, Oct 20, 11:01pm
Would be interested to know what you might recommend. Our last 2 have been useless - one used to blow the fuses in the house and the other either cooks really really hot or really not at all. So please recommend a good one with a thermostat that works as it should. Cost is not an issue. Thanks.

nauru, Oct 21, 10:47am
I have a Zip brand and I'm happy with it. Thermosat is good. I find cooking on high is really good for stir fries, don't use my wok anymore. Much better than my old Sunbeam which died after many years regular use and was not as controlable as this one. Bought it in Briscoes sale @ 50% off. I'm sure that there are other brands which are good too but I'm happy with mine.

hakatere1, Oct 21, 1:03pm
Sunbeam here too, awesome for roasts. Cook on terrace, no lamb stink inside. Vast temp difference between setting number 5 and 6 (roast) though.

clareo, Oct 21, 8:03pm
Thanks for the replies - but I won't go near Zip as our one is so useless. And our Sunbeam one was the culprit at blowing fuses! Thanks anyway.

fizzy_kiwi, Oct 21, 8:20pm
Maybe you should get your wiring checked instead of blaming the appliances.

I have never had a problem with either Zip or Sunbeam. 99% of my kitchen is Zip except my cast iron pans.

clareo, Oct 21, 9:24pm
Our wiring is all fine - has been checked already. Thanks anyway.

kiwilion, Apr 24, 9:53am
Some of our stuff is Zip and Sunbeam and I highly recommend both too.
Perhaps there are power 'surges' to blame for your blown fuses.

The wonderful non-stick Frypan I am using is a General Electric, its a few years old now but has no scuffing and the thermostat still works well. Using it a lot more now instead of the big oven to save power.

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