Davidt4 much advice please (others too)!

terraalba, Feb 10, 8:47pm
I've been very grateful for your recipes and advice over the years.Sorry for this long explanation.
You recommended Global Knives. I have found a set online for a little over $400 per set. Are these the ones you meant or have I missed something?

My hardy old Breville hand beater was resting on the bench on Monday. When I came back to the bench it was drowning in the bowl of water in the sink (not sure how that happened. (Wondering if the border collie snouted it). Even though the hand beater was quite old, I see the current model is quite similar and still a very reasonable price.

I was thinking of getting a stick blender for those quick jobs especially with pots on the stove because my big Kenwood food processor is a hassle for small jobs (I get frustrated with the way the bowl has to be just right when attached to the machine for it to work, let alone the bulky items to wash and store).

I also have a Kenwood Chef with lots of extra attachments but again used the hand beater for those quick smaller tasks to save on the bulky setting up, cleaning and bench space. I use the liquidiser for small jobs rather than the big food processor.

I see Kenwood also have a suite of extras around a stick blender too for $179
Before I go shopping, I'd like your wisdom about what would be my best options here.

davidt4, Feb 10, 10:04pm
I have seen sets of 3 Global knives for that price and a friend of mine recently bought one. The prices vary hugely so snap it up!

I can't really help about modern Kenwood extras as I haven't used one for years now.

My big Breville stick blender would be about 7 years old now and still going strong despite very heavy use. It came with a whisk and a mini-processor bowl and they both work very well.

suzannelg, Feb 11, 1:42am
You can't go wrong with the Breville stick mixer. I also have one which is at least 4 years old, and works really well.

buzzy110, Feb 11, 7:33pm
I chose a stick blend that was all stainless steel as I have a problem with using plastic (even utensil strength plastic) in hot foods. It also came with a whisk (which I used yesterday to make three large, put all into a bowl and beat till smooth, cakes for grandie's birthday party so it comes in really handy) and a smaller blender for the small jobs like making pesto or mushing up baby food, etc. Make sure it comes with a tall mixing 'jug' as well, designed to fit the blender. That is essential for a number of things.

I also use the blender for making quick hollandaise sauce and egg and oil mayonnaise. It is so handy and easy to wash. It takes up minimal room in the cupboard. It can also be used to whip up milk shakes (in the 'jug' if they take your fancy.

The only issue is spatter. Obviously you understand that the stuff that will need whizzing in the pot or bowl should cover the blending blade cover or it will go all over the kitchen but that is a minor issue. I always put pot or bowl into the sink to do blending.

gilligee, Mar 7, 11:44pm
I purchased a stick blender in recent years and don't know how I ever managed without one.
Wonderful for soups in particular.

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