Freezing corn on the cob

I have just started microwaving corn in the husk. LOVE IT! I would like to freeze some. People say to blanch it before freezing. So, just wondering… what if I microwave it first then freeze it… Would that work? If I do that… would it work freezing in the husk so I can microwave it again when I get it out? (Sorry, the only thing I can cook well is toast. No experience at all. lol)

Chef_puppetman, Mar 2, 8:15 am

Just freeze it, no need to blanch it first ,but peel the husk off first, or you may end up with bugs and earwigs in there as well.
To cook in Wmave wrap it in glad wrap, that helps keep it moist.
If you leave the husk on, it will take up a lot of room.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 2, 8:34 am

Yes that will work but do not cook it for as long. You may prefer, as I do, to cook as if to eat it then strip all the kernels off with a knife and freeze in an ice cream container. This is much more versatile to use and takes less space in your freezer if you have limited space.

Chef_gilligee, Mar 2, 8:34 am

I just leave the last layer of husk on to cook.

Chef_gilligee, Jan 24, 12:48 am