Fund raising food ideas

leebee35, Jun 15, 8:22am
Anyone made food for fund raising? ideas on cheaper options would be greatly appreciated. Scones have been a hit. plus cheap.

We are selling at work. so I was thinking hot foods like soups or Irish stew, etc.

sarahb5, Jun 15, 10:56am
Soup would be good at work but we also do fudge frenzy Friday - 2 or 3 people (depends how many of you work there) make a batch of fudge each and we sell it for $1 a piece - it's nice to have a sweet treat on a Friday

duckmoon, Jun 15, 11:06am
having done years of school fairs, fudge is the thing which I can cook which has the greatest margin

I can make a batch for around $4.50 and sell for $25

moparpete, Jun 16, 1:27am
You can go to Just a mum blog,fantastic baking ideas there also there is a recipe for a huge banana cake with chocolate icing in there which I think will be ideal for selling in fundraising.

kirmag, Jun 16, 1:51am
Mussel chowder yum yum! So long as the folks at your work are seafood fans. Have this at our school gala every year and goes down a treat.

wendalls, Jun 16, 1:53am
Not cupcakes! I will never take part in a bake sale again after the disappointment in hearing that my cupcakes were sold for $1 or less due to a glut of them at school. ( and to my kids!) Would far rather have donated $10.
But yes the suggestions above for selling at work are a much better idea. My friend did soup with success. I imagine a breadmaker with a loaf brewing would attract even more punters!

bedazzledjewels, May 24, 2:06am
I like the soup idea a lot. Bone broths too which are the latest thing in New York apparently. It's the sort of food that busy people might not have time to make but would really enjoy.

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