Baking blind

susievb, Mar 22, 8:34am
If you use rice or yellow split peas to bake blind for pastry -using baking paper to separate pastry from weight.
Can you use the rice or split peas after wards?

kiwiscrapper1, Mar 22, 8:36am
No. keep them For the next time you bake blind, make sure they r completely cold before storing in a glass jar.

punkinthefirst, Mar 22, 8:59am
Only for baking blind again.

melford, Mar 24, 9:26am
No need to bake blind - simply put the prepared pastry in its dish and prick all over for 1/2 an hour then bake for the required time then fill .

nauru, Mar 25, 6:30am
I just use torn up crusts on baking paper to bake blind. You can make breadcrumbs from the crusts afterwards or the birds get to have the bread later.

harriss, Oct 25, 12:54am
I think it was Heston Blumenthal who used coins. Brilliant! I still have a small jarful of 2 cent coins. Washed and dried, they're perfect.

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