Ways to cook kingfish?

Chef_tonsta2, May 20, 6:35 pm
I usually crumb and fry our snapper but never really sure on how to best cook kingfish, it's a wee bit too strong tasting to crumb and fry? Any tips would be appreciated.
Nothing too spicy as I have kids who are tame eaters!

Chef_beaker59, May 20, 9:36 pm
I like it crumbed and fried personally closely followed by smoked. If that's too much for you then try one of the poached fish recipes about to turn up. :)

Chef_pigletnz25, May 21, 4:10 am
we caught a big one this summer and just put it in little bit of cornflour then cooked it a little bit of butter, was recommended to do this by an experienced fisherman who catches them a lot. It was beautiful and just melted in our mouths.

Chef_awoftam, May 21, 10:21 am
Place steaks or fillet pieces on tinfoil (and make parcels) top the fish with what you like - lemon, capers, wine, butter, shallots, tomatoes - or do more asiany herbs like coriander, chilli and lemongrass, just whatever. Delicious.

Chef_wendalls, May 24, 4:28 am
Simple is best. do not over cook it! Plenty of lemon juice and salt. Nom nom. And fussy kids love it!

Chef_juliewn, Jul 14, 3:06 am
Yum. +1 Beaker :-)

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