Slow Cooker with light bowl

dalkemade, Apr 22, 8:17am
Has anyone found such a model that also works well. I am sick of the heavy bowls most have. Thanks

twinkley1, Apr 22, 8:32am
I think the heavy bowl is part of the heating process.

dalkemade, Apr 22, 9:08am
Oh gee you could be right but I will live in hope. Thanks

squeakygirl, Apr 23, 4:55am
This has a light bowl and is a great cooker.

squeakygirl, Apr 23, 4:55am

thewomble1, Apr 23, 1:10pm
The 'bowl' weighs 743g.
I have one and very pleased with it.

dalkemade, Sep 17, 10:45am
Thank you so much squeaky girl and thewomble1, I will get onto that one

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