First time using a breadmaker

gracie3, Mar 18, 4:44am
My bread has just come out and is cooling. I used a Panasonic SD2501 and an Edmonds bread mix. It's smaller than I thought and one side is longer than the other. :) Is that ok or did I do something wrong?

meoldchina, Mar 18, 5:13am
If I were you, I would avoid bread mix and try some of the recipes in the breadmaker's handbook. My Panasonic has some very good recipes and I haven't had a failure yet. I particularly like the 50% wholemeal and the basic white loaf.

nauru, Mar 18, 5:37am
Agree with meolchina, much better results using a from scratch recipe rather than a bread mix. I use 50% wholemeal/white flours or a mix of wholemeal/rye/white flours. Sometime I add a variety of seeds to the recipe too. It also works out much cheaper that way too and you can vary your breads unlike using a breadmix.
Alison Holst has a bread book which is very goodand not expensive, I use her recipes a lot. This afternoon I made some Hot X Buns from her book and a batch of 50% wholemeal rolls.

gracie3, Mar 18, 5:36pm
Many thanks!

lythande1, Dec 15, 4:17pm
our bread isn't necessarily going to be a perfect shape, so long as it has good texture it's fine.
Lauckes breadmix is great.

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