Drink quantities - how much to buy

bobbin2, Feb 2, 8:09am
Catering for a birthday how do i work out how much to allow per person. Catering for 120
Having sparkling grape juice, fruit juice, lemonade, water and there will be punch which is being supplied by caterer. All non alcoholic

pussy01, Feb 2, 8:51am
6 bottles of spirits and 3 kegs of beer should do it. when and where id be interested lol

lilyfield, Feb 2, 9:03am
One liter per person. Some places let you return the unopened bottles.
Maybe slightly less if it is in cooler weather

duckmoon, Apr 2, 2:58am
do long is your event (people will drink more in 6 hours, than in 3 hours)

and what will the weather be like (hard to tell, I know) - people will drink more on a hot day, than a cold

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