Muscat Raisins

jmin, Apr 22, 9:15am
Trying to find them. Where can i get them in Auckland. North Shore even better?, Apr 22, 8:51pm
I think they are called muscatels when they are dried, so you might have to look for that word. Try a health food shop or high end grocery store, you have a few in Auckland like Farro and Nosh methinks?

antoniab, Apr 23, 4:26am
There was a company at the go green expo last weekend that was selling them - organic ones, they were lovely. If you google the exibitors (sp) there they should come up

daarhn, Apr 23, 8:40am
My favourite grape! Fresh, they have to be golden sunkissed for best sweetness. Special time end of season in the family vineyard with the bunches dried and plump ready for the picking. Muscat liquor a fav to cook with in desserts, and at the end of the night served in a vintage crystal glass by the fire. The colour is mesmerising in the fire light.

bisloy, Sep 9, 9:07am

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