Coffee, which brand

moparpete, Feb 5, 2:39am
do you like drinking most in home. I am trying out different, brands at the moment liking the Bushell . Would like to know what is peoples favourite and why. Thanks.

lilyfield, Feb 5, 3:05am
if you like Bushels -you cannot call yourself a coffee aficionado
personally like Melitta, brewed in a stove top espresso pot.

laspaz, Feb 5, 3:08am
Hummingbird for me. About the best of the cheaper ones.

davidt4, Feb 5, 3:15am
Allpress Ponsonby blend is our favorite.

kay141, Feb 5, 3:19am
For brewed coffee, I drink whatever the granddaughter supplies, always something from Mojo. Latest was Dr Feelgood for my plunger. It's not bad. I occasionally do try other brands when I want something different and find one on special, hopefully a single origin.
Instant coffee is Nescafe.

rainrain1, Feb 5, 5:17am
Love my Nescafe Fine Blend, with trim milk and one Splenda Tablet. Saves my life often

sarahb5, Feb 5, 6:06am
I don't drink instant at all but I do buy it for cooking - usually Aurora. I buy locally roasted coffee for my Aeropresse- either Ozone or Wild Cat

socram, Feb 5, 6:08am
Ignoring the fresh, I used to be a devoted Nescafe Gold Blend fan for the last 30+ years, but as someone pointed out last year, it isn't what it was it used to be. I was pointed towards Fusio, so buy that when I see it and sometimes mix it with the Gold Blend. Not cheap for an instant but a passable drink.

ruby19, Feb 5, 6:10am
For instant coffee I like robert harris fusio. No instant is as good as real but this is not bad.

mike16, Feb 5, 7:27pm
Instant makes me feel sick in the tummy. So I bought a machine with an inbuilt grinder.
Although I like short blacks, long blacks etc I'm not a connoisseur of coffee. So I buy the beans that are on special at the s/market and hope they're ok. Most are, some not too flash but at about 40c a cup who cares !
Lots of the coffee at coffee shops often tastes different from shop to shop anyway.

04redsox, Feb 5, 7:50pm
Pomeroys Espresso Formula II

sarahb5, Feb 5, 8:36pm
Buy fresh beans - supermarket brands sit around in their packets on the shelves for months - you really will notice the taste difference if you buy freshly roasted beans

spunkeymonkey, Feb 5, 8:48pm
Does Jarrah count they have about 11 different flavours - I like the Bravarian hazelnut flavour

mike16, Feb 5, 9:32pm
Thx . I used to buy fresh online at $12.50 for 200gms plus freight which makes it quite expensive. So I bought a $6 special at s/m and altho I do notice the diff it doesn't really matter.
I make double shots. I'm 42 sober and get a nice wack out of my coffees !
I had a double espresso( in fact, several! ) in Rome a few years ago . yessirreee bob !

sarahb5, Feb 5, 10:08pm
I pay $20 for 500g of Wild Cat - its a local New Plymouth roastery - I only have one coffee a day at home so it lasts at least 3 or 4 weeks, quite a strong brew. I don't drink much so its my indulgence.

zappi, Feb 6, 12:29am
For ground coffee Otobahn Coffee Roasted in Tirau. Heidis cafe use this coffee also which is right next door to where it is roasted. Otherwise we have settled on (I cant remember name) usually down bottom shelf at Countdown and is a green colour 100%arabica with a person on the front of package) quite nice.

laspaz, Feb 6, 12:31am
I agree, very good coffee from this place in Tirau.

biggles45, Feb 6, 4:09am
We like the Fusio too, much prefer it to Nescafe etc. For plunger coffee we often buy Robert Harris too.

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 6, 4:34am

NZ coffee award winners for 2014

sarahb5, Feb 6, 5:17am
Yep - Wild Cat Sweet Oil got a bronze. Our other local roastery (Ozone) didn't enter this time

molly37, Feb 6, 9:00am
Have a coffee machine, use Moconna for people who want instant, and I'll drink Jarrah Brazil if I cant be bothered using the machine which is very regularly.

thewomble1, Mar 4, 1:53am
I get my roasted coffee beans from
They are based in Christchurch and charge $30 a kilo of beans delivered.
Also are part of fair trade.

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