Mini muffin and mini loaf recipes

I have just purchased a mini muffin try-24 muffins to one tray. Does anybody have tried and true recipes sweet or savoury as I know it's not as simple as juts reducing cook time? Also got some mini loaf tins-keen to make mini meat loaf and fruit loaves etc to freeze for easy meals- again -any tried and tru recipes. Thanks heaps

Chef_melinda1, Mar 2, 6:52 am

Just spoke with wife, and she does not change the recipes, but does say that she sometimes does make the mix a bit more moist, .
Maybe this will help you.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 2, 7:09 am

l use what ever recipes l have and just cook for less time always turn out fine

Chef_griffo4, Mar 2, 7:12 am

I have mini loaf tins and it's the same for me. Must admit they freeze a lot better when made in mini tins than slicing and freezing.

Chef_kay141, Mar 2, 7:24 am

I only ever make mini muffins, usually using Alison and Simon Holst's "Healthy Muffins" book. I cook them at the same temp as the regular sized muffins, but they are usually ready a few minutes earlier. They freeze well too. Alison H says they can be taken from the freezer and will defrost in a lunchbox

I don't have a fan bake oven which may make a difference.

Chef_calista, Mar 2, 7:45 am

Thanks heaps everyone. Feeling confident now to have a bake up.

Chef_melinda1, Mar 2, 8:58 am

I use the same recipes and just watch the cooking time.

Chef_maximus44, Jan 22, 12:11 am