HOW to make Kefir milk

ritebuy, Feb 15, 7:42pm
Anybody out there who knows the tricks to this?

buzzy110, Feb 15, 11:12pm
Use kefir grains. You can buy kefir powder from the health food shop if you cannot get your hands on any grains.

I use raw milk (or rather did when I was buying raw milk). Almost fill an agee jar with the milk. Add in the kefir grains and put on the plastic lid lossely. Store in a dark place - ( used to put tthe jars into a black lined canvas bag with a draw string then put the whole lot into a big brown paper bag and clip shut) Leave on the bench for 24-48 hours at room temperature.

Remove the grain. I used to put them into a strainer over a bowl and leave for 15mins then return the strained milk back to the jar. I put the grains into a little more milk or coconut milk and stored in the fridge. Would wash the grains in filtered water when I needed to use again and drink the milk they were stored in.

Warning. If you like your food sweet then you will have to "acquire" a taste for kefir. By the time it is fully fermented it is very sour. I loved it like that but it certainly isn't to everyone's taste. Kefir is absolutely nothing like commercial, sweetened yoghurt.

ritebuy, Feb 21, 1:20am
Thanks buzzy your a star

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