What can I do with fish for tonights dinner

ange93, May 5, 3:15am
I have some fish fillets that I want to have for dinner - what can i make with it which is healthy - ish lol

cookessentials, May 5, 3:29am
I always enjoy my fish lightly crumbed and gently pan fried - you could serve with green beans or courgettes.

245sam, May 5, 3:45am
what kind of fish do you have ange93? :-))

ange93, May 5, 3:53am
moki fillets

holz22, May 5, 3:55am
wrap in tin foil, with a little lemon juice, fresh ginger, cracked pepper and a few slices of onion. serve with salad yum yum

ange93, May 5, 3:56am
yum sounds good

245sam, May 5, 4:01am
ange93, moki is a fish that is ok to cook by any method - e. g. bake, poach, steam, grill, foil bake - how about fish parcels? - for flavour additions add lemon or lime, or tomato, capsicum, celery, parsley, dill or any other options that you like.

Hope that helps. :-))

245sam, Apr 1, 3:03pm
holz22, it seems that great minds think alike but those fish parcels are sooo easy to custom make according to whatever flavours are preferred and depending on what's served with them they can be a tasty low-cal and healthy fish meal. :-))

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