How long for Ham.

korbo, Jan 19, 3:41am
it is all gone, and the bone with a good amount of meat on, is in the freezer. well spent $$ and plenty of enjoyment eating it.

korbo, Jan 14, 12:50am
purchased a rather large cooked ham, and we still have about 1/3 left. just didnt get around to eating as much as I thought.
What can I do with whats left. It is beautiful, but starting to not want to eat anymore. thx

rainrain1, Jan 14, 12:53am
Slice it, fry it, and eat with eggs and toast

korbo, Jan 14, 1:03am
done that,
has anyone sliced it and put in the freezer. trouble is I forget it is there.

samsnan, Jan 14, 1:37am
I sliced it all up and put it in smallish snap lock bags and put it in the freezer but in a place where you will see it every time you open your freezer.

korbo, Jan 14, 4:12am
did it go watery when thawed.

arielbooks, Jan 15, 3:02am
It shouldn't if using leg ham. This happens when freezing rolled pressed ham.

samsnan, Jan 15, 4:19am
No mine didn't either but I wouldn't leave it in there for many months though. And yes mine was leg ham.

245sam, Jan 15, 4:25am
korbo, I can understand that you are about "hammed" out as far as eating the ham as-is, so how about having a look at:-

You should find some interesting and tempting uses for your ham there. As others have advised try freezing some of the ham - in appropriate portion sizes to enjoy using some of those recipes in a month or two's time if you don't feel tempted enough at the moment.

Hope that helps. :-))

whitehead., Jan 15, 8:29pm
freeze it and use it in soup when you get to winter you wont notice if its watery

whitehead., Jan 15, 8:29pm
your bone can be saved for soup as well

karlymouse, Jan 16, 9:50am
I just finished ours today. as I adore Cooked Ham its not a problem for me to use it. all the usual ways with ham steaks with sweet and sour sauce. chopped finely into meatballs, add to rice for fried rice. into croissants with cheese sauce and ham for dinner and lunches. I have never frozen it as I am not that organised to make sure I use it up within 3 months of freezing.

korbo, May 7, 2:20am
almost finished it. have friends coming for dinner tonight.Ham steaks on the BBQ with a mustard/brownsugar/pineapple juice topping. hopefully that will be the end of it. Very happy with the purchase.

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