jag5, Jan 17, 9:14am
Dry them. do you have a dehydrator. or have a friend with one?

punkinthefirst, Jan 17, 10:18am
I do mine in a number of ways. halve and stone, make the imperfect bits into pulp, freeze some of that and bottle some - I use it to make jam and chutney later, when it's cooler. and use it in pies, puddings and slices Also dehydrate halved fruit and make pulped fruit into leather. Looking for a recipe for a "Bit-on-the-side" type Apricot sauce to try, if anyone has one.
They're so easy to prepare, it is a no-brainer to remove the stones.

245sam, Jan 17, 11:16am
punkinthefirst, here's a couple of recipes from the former Trade Me Cooks:-

"Apricot Sauce
6lb apricots 6 tsp salt 3lb sugar 1 tblsp ginger 1 tblsp ground cloves ¼ tsp cayenne 6 cups vinegar Place all ingredients in a pot and boil for one hour – I normally boil for longer than this. I bottle it when hot in sterilised bottles. posted by graebalz

Apricot Sauce
2·7 Kg (6lb) apricots; 1·8 litres (3 pints) malt vinegar; 3/4 tsp cayenne pepper; 6 tsp salt; 1·135 Kg (2&1/2 lbs) sugar; 28g (1oz) each of allspice & cloves. Boil all the ingredients for 2&1/2 hours, stirring occasionally. Sieve if necessary before bottling. Note from hoppy1: This is better if kept a couple of months before use to allow the flavours to “kick in”.
posted by hoppy1
A variation from graebalz: Instead of the above quantities use:- 6 cups vinegar, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 1·362 Kg (3 lbs) sugar, 1 tbsp each of ground cloves & ground ginger (no allspice). Hope that helps. :-)

I'm not sure whether either of these will meet your wish for a "Bit-on-the-side" type Apricot Sauce but I'll leave you to be the judge. :-))

penwill1, Jan 14, 8:02am
The birds are eating more apricots than us, I am going to freeze some for winter desserts, would you half and remove stone or just freeze whole

lilyfield, Jan 14, 8:07am
Remove stones

terraalba, Jan 14, 8:19am
Lucky you for having so many. Yes remove the stones.

ry5, May 10, 7:20pm
I just made up a batch of chutney yesterday. A good way to use them up if you're not into jam.

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