Christmas Day Menu Suggestions -

nikkib90, Dec 21, 5:23am
So Christmas Day we have family arriving from a long overseas flight at lunchtime. My thoughts are we have breakfast (2 adults, 2 children) French toast, bacon, fruit. Then for a later lunch light nibbles (cheese, crackers, mussels, oysters, veges/fruit/dips) and dinner salmon, asparagus and salad. It doesn't sound exciting as a Christmas Day menu but I think the company might not want a heavy meal after the long travel time. Do you all think it is enough or should I vamp it up a bit? (keeping in mind one member arriving doesn't eat anything but seafood. )

samanya, Dec 21, 5:42am
It sounds lovely to me. My kind of food.
Where are they coming from?
If it's the northern hemisphere, they would mostly love our summer Christmas & the lovely fruit etc, that we have available, right now. If you have a couple of platters . they can nibble when & if they feel like it, throughout the day, without being too full for the evening meal. (chocs or truffly nibbles never go amiss as a dessert)

awoftam, Dec 21, 5:51am
I agree with samanya. Also, it does really help to remember you are there for each other, as opposed to the food (not taking anything away from a great meal!). I had my family xmas dinner last night and have always found it stressful. So this year I threw all the 'Its Xmas so it has to be super awesome' thoughts out the window. I had free range ham on the bone, salads, jersey bennes lightly crushed with butter, corn, asparagus, warm bread, candles on the table outside where we ate, great wine, loads of conversation, laughs and memories. Was awesome. Best for ages.

uli, Dec 21, 5:53am
Sounds good to me too - but then make sure they do like salmon and asparagus. I have encountered many people that do not (funnily enough - more for me!).

You could add an antipasto platter with meats, olives, cheeses, tomatoes etc and fresh crusty bread and/or small steamed spuds and butter. Anything that is leftover will be great for the next day for lunch.

nikkib90, Dec 21, 6:53am
I love the extra suggestions - awoftam - I think I will add in some jersey bennes, corn and warm bread rolls. Great suggestions! The truffles and chocolates too! They are coming from Colorado so will love the summer freshness of our fruit, etc. I just needed the extra suggestions to ensure all bases are covered and it's not too simple. I am planning a turkey with all the trimmings for New Years but thought that was too much effort and food for the day due to circumstances.

uli, Dec 22, 5:55am

sarahb5, Mar 11, 9:09am
They may prefer a light snack before a nap and then the main meal - whatever you would normally have for Christmas dinner