Urgent help with plum topping on cheesecake

cap, Sep 20, 1:53am
I made the Chelsea Winter cheesecake a few weeks ago and had no problems. I decided I prefer my normal cheesecake though so made that yesterday and today I made the plum topping that is used on the Chelsea Winter one. I only wanted half the amount so used 1 tin of plums and halved the gelatine amount. I'm wondering if this was right as the plum topping has not set. I need it to be ready in 4 hours. Do I hope that it sets or attempt to scrape it off and add more gelatine? What a nightmare!

cgvl, Sep 20, 2:24am
Does it need to be set firm? If so then I would probably scrape it off carefully and add more gelatine. If you do the gelatine now in a small amount of water then let cool, then add plum mix it could/may set quicker, rather than heating the whole lot again.
If its only a little runny does that matter ie if it runs down the side of the cheesecake when cut? If not then just leave it and make a note to use more gelatine next time.

cap, Oct 15, 8:10am
Thanks. I ended up scraping it off and adding more gelatine that I dissolved in a little hit water and let cool (the plum topping was cold). Hopefully it will set. It did seem to thicken up quite quickly even as I stirred it. It could end up too firm but that's better than a running mess.

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