Belling Oven

Does anyone have a belling oven, do you recommend one?

Chef_angie117, Mar 17, 9:22 pm

Just about bought one, was one of my top 2 picks but wanted dual oven and it was one of them.

It was only via price that I got the other (but is only a one off deal so grabbed it).


Chef_valentino, Mar 17, 10:07 pm

Sorry slightly off topic but the name just reminded me that growing up in UK our oven was a Belling and lasted years. My brother used to hang out with one of the 'Belling' girls she was called Karen but pronounced
'Car-en' and was very posh and recommended to me when she heard that I was going on a school trip to Paris for the weekend (on the cheap) that I really should go to Maxims! (which was one of France's most famous and expensive restaurants at the time) lol., Mar 17, 11:23 pm

I don't have one but I want one at our next house. I checked them out at the Auckland home show last year, very nice. I like that you can have the different ovens at different temps.

Chef_sit1, Mar 18, 5:42 am

Whats a Beling Oven?

Chef_helen149, Mar 18, 5:43 am

Chef_sit1, Mar 18, 5:47 am

We were interested in them as well. Are there anyone using them who can say how they find them? Or any reviews anywhere? Are the parts easy to obtain? Are they reliable and easy to use / clean. Do they cook well?

Chef_tui93, Mar 18, 11:10 pm

Sorry branpy, I usually read the comments before adding one. Thanks for your link.

Chef_tui93, Dec 15, 1:13 am