Baking with kids.

nicwil, Mar 10, 7:38am
I want to start doing baking on Sundays with my 2.5 year old son - what kind of baking recipes are remotely healthy? Don't really want to fill him up with sugar and can't say hubby or I need that temptation either!

harrislucinda, Mar 10, 7:51am
quick biscuits made with oats or week bix would be a good start

huca1, Mar 10, 7:52am
Pizzas (not really baking but. )

pizza scrolls for lunch made with scone mix!

huca1, Mar 10, 7:54am
I have made apple and cinnamon slice (a bit like a cake in a slice tin), banana bread, St Clements cake with yoghurt, all OK ish sugar wise

I always reduce the sugar when I cook (sometimes I don't in a new recipe)

sarahb5, Mar 10, 8:13am
Look at the recipes on the Healthy Food Guide or Kidspot websites

gaspodetwd, Jan 5, 5:53pm
My daughter loved making savoury scones at this age. Or helping make pizza.

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