Sunbeam Pie Magic

rayonline_tm, Dec 17, 11:52pm
We had nothing to get so parents got this machine. Anyone tried it? We found that it does make pies in under 10mins but the pastry doesn't really puff up compared to say the oven.


blou, Dec 18, 12:28am
I love mine
buy ready rolled pastry use a cereal bowl to cut out the circles 4 to a sheet
bacon egg are great leftover mince veges pies great gift am sure they will use it

miffycat1, Dec 18, 4:41am
Make the bottoms out of plain pastry & the tops out of flakey pastry, they turn out great.

nauru, Dec 18, 7:21am
As miffycat said use shortcrust pastry for the base and flaky pastry for the tops, you will find it gives a better result.

aktow, Dec 18, 11:47am
how can pastry puff up when there is a top. pastry needs room to expand. the lids stops this.
why use a machine any way,, my local mini market has pies for $1 . slightly bigger than big ben pies.

kaddiew, Dec 18, 7:48pm
I gave my machine away. Too much faffing about for tiny "pies" with oversized hats.

whitehead., Dec 20, 2:41am
i dont bother making a top i just use a bigger bit of pastry and fold it over the top and trim any double bits off i love mine a good way to use up left overs

standard, Dec 20, 5:52am
Me too. Any left overs go into toasties, much more yummo.

christin, Mar 22, 11:56pm
I have one, good for left overs. Ie butter chicken, chicken stir fry, spat Bol mince all sorts!

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