heathermay1, Mar 22, 2:41am

ruby19, Mar 22, 4:51am
I used the delmaine black beans in chili sauce, but I still saute onions with cuimin, coriander, garlic, chili and green peppers add the beans and some tomatoes. I use Colby cheese as it melts quite well.

tintin27, Mar 22, 5:35am
I love having coleslaw on top of my regular nachos.

rchelley, Mar 22, 5:54am
We just use tasty cheese, then top with sour cream, chili sauce, chopped avo, onion, tomato and lettuce. Often serve in wedges or oven chips instead of corn chips.

threecheers, Mar 27, 12:31am
I've had crabmeat nachos that were divine.

lucky1989, Mar 27, 6:16am
ok mine are THE BEST lol

i chop very very small red capsicum, onion, courgette, grated carrot and fry till very well done, add crushed garlic at some point. then do my top quality mince, once cooked add in veges again, (could also do beans if you want you honestly dont notice its so veged out lol its still a MINCE mixture :) ). then its a toss up between sweet chilli doritoes that can break easily and needs to be eaten soon after assembling but soooo yum, or a sturdier chip like the pams ones or the bulk bags. up to you. ive been using the sweet chilli doritos tho and just eating carefully lol :P aaaanyways, melt tasty cheese all over your chips, top with your mince mix, then sour cream and guacamole (avo, crushed garlic and a bit lemon juice)

waa laa SOOOO GOOD! people go nuts over them lol

ohhh i 4got sauce, add in ya fave bottle sauce and a squeeze of tom sauce to make the nacho taste :) if u dont care about sodium i guess add a sachet but eww lol

sarahb5, Mar 27, 6:50am
My family are carnivores - nachos here mean corn chips topped with mince cooked with onion, capsicum, red kidney beans and seasoning then sour cream and mozzarella on top. Best corn chips according to my experts are Mexicana but they must spicy.

motorbo, Mar 28, 12:49am
sauté onion and garlic with cumin, paprika, chilli and oregano, add beans, mush up, add some tomato sauce and water cook down.

chop red onions, red peppers, tomatoes, coriander, avocado, add lemon juice salt and pepper and sweet chilli sauce.

serve over chips that have melted cheese on top

mber2, Mar 30, 3:38am
no need to shout

iriegirl, Mar 31, 12:12am
We do chicken nacos mostly, gently fry diced onion, garlic and a couple of fresh chillies(seeds in for extra heat), add a couple of teaspoons of cumin, then diced chicken meat(breast or thigh), cook till just browned. Then add a tin of black beans, a tin of red kidney beans and a tin of Mexican tomatoes. Cook around half an hour, allowing your flavours to develop, add some chilli powder If you're like me and like in really spicy. Serve with corn chips, sliced avo, stringy cheese, sour cream and more chilli sauce. Yum!

bev00, Nov 13, 2:17am
nice and different ideas

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