Pork Chops

rema, Feb 24, 12:54am
Has anyone suggestions for pork chops - mine always seem to "dry out" and the meat stringy!

sampa, Feb 24, 1:03am
I bought some last week, enough for two meals. The first lot I roasted and, sure enough, a bit on the dry side like yours. Pork is bred very lean these days, not like some of the stuff we used to be able to get from time to time from a farmer that free grazed his pigs in an apple orchard. Now that was a whole different kettle of, well. pigs LOL. Anyway, second lot I tried a recipe on the Countdown site for 'Brazilian Pork Chops' and they were very moist and tasty (but no crackling, you'd need to cut the fat off and cook it separately if you want that).

Anyway, link to recipe if you're interested -


rema, Feb 24, 1:28am
Many thanks sampa I have printed out the recipe and will try tonight

arielbooks, Feb 24, 2:35am
I always buy from a good butcher and no longer have any trouble with pork drying out, same with lamb chops. I think it has something to do with how stressed the animals are and the quality of the feed.

porka1, Feb 24, 4:47am
Don't cook them for so long.cook for 3 minutes on each side and rest for three mins.A little bit pink is alright these days as pigs are raised under more hygienic conditions, grow a lot faster and leaner.We average 68k carcass weight at eighteen weeks of age.

wendalls, Feb 26, 9:44am
Yep agree with porka. I think we are over cooking simple as that!

lythande1, Feb 26, 5:32pm
Yuk, half cooked pork.
I just casserole them, moist, tender and properly cooked.

herself, Feb 26, 7:46pm
A little pink is definitely NOT half cooked.
From the 100% NZ Pork site http://www.pork.co.nz/How-to-cook-pork-perfectly
"Did you know that pork is a red meat? This means that it's best to rest once cooked and it's perfectly OK with a hint of pink - just like beef and lamb. In fact cooking it this way means your pork will remain succulent and tender - perfect!
Rub the chops with olive oil and season with salt & pepper.
Preheat a heavy-based fry pan, add the pork chops, cooking for 5 minutes on each side.
Place on a plate, rest for 3 minutes."

sampa, Feb 26, 9:00pm
I agree, pork is delicious cooked that way. I've done them with a bit of orange juice, garlic salt and olive oil then lightly pan fried but the best trick is to cut the fat off first and stick that in a hot oven (along with your potatoes if you happen to be doing some) and you get the best of both worlds. Lightly cooked, moist pork and decadently delicious pork crackling to go with.

Oh - and deglaze the pan using up all the residual yumminess to get a lovely sauce to pour over your pork when you serve up.

beaker59, Feb 26, 10:43pm
One point I would make is the Loin chops definitely shouldn't be over cooked a touch of pink is fine. If they are overcooked then they are dry and if slow cooked only slightly better. If you don't like pink and want to slow cook then buy Shoulder chops they will come out much better slow cooked and are cheaper into the bargain. Forget crackling on chops unless you do separately.

rema, Feb 27, 9:51pm
Many thanks for all your suggestions - certainly given me something to try

valentino, Feb 28, 12:51am
This is very nice and worthy to be repeated here.

Pork chops with sage

4 pork chops
salt and pepper
15 fresh sage leaves
handful flatleaf parsley
2 cloves garlic, peeled and halved
2 tbsps pure olive oil
3-4 tbsps plain flour
salt and white pepper
3⁄4 cup dry white wine
mashed kumara or potato and just-boiled broccoli for serving

Cut the fat from the chops, then slice off the skin.
Dice the fat small and put aside.
Score the skin in a diamond pattern and rub a little salt into the top surface.
Cut a slit in the side of each chop, parallel with the chopping board, and slide three sage leaves into each.
Chop the remaining leaves with the parsley and place in a shallow bowl with garlic and olive oil.
Add the chops and turn, pressing the chopped herbs into the surface, and marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, or overnight if preparing the dish ahead.
To cook the meal, melt the diced fat in a heavy frypan on a low heat and remove the brown bits with a slotted spoon (they make an illicit ‘‘chef’s perk’’).
Place the flour on a plate and season with salt and pepper.
Remove the chops from the marinade and press into the flour.
Cook on both sides in the melted fat until golden, then pour off any excess.
Add the white wine, bring to the boil, lower the heat and simmer for 35-40 minutes, or until the chops are very tender, adding more wine if necessary.
While they cook, grill or bake the pork skin to make crackling and prepare the mashed kumara or potato and broccoli.
Place the vegetables on heated plates, add the chops, reduce the sauce a little if necessary and pour over the top.

Serve with mash.

rema, Feb 28, 3:46am
valentine - have used this recipe for the last few months and it is beautiful, but just wanted a change - many thanks

valentino, Feb 28, 4:47am
Here is an easy one, nice for a change.

Devilled Pork Chops
2-4 Pork Loin Chops
1 onion - chopped finely
4 tablespoons Chilli Sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
3 tablespoons lemon juice
2-3 cm piece of ginger grated
1 teaspoon dry mustard powder

Slash meat on both sides of chop with a sharp knife
Combine all other ingredients.
Pour over pork and let stand for about
1 hour - turning occasionally.
Drain pork, reserve marinade and brown in oil and then add the sauce/marinade.
Simmer for about 1/2 hr, until tender

Editing to add that one uses a Sweet Chilli Sauce as have this as a constant pantry item.

porka1, Mar 2, 7:50pm
I recommend to try them the same way you prefer beef

eljayv, Mar 2, 7:59pm
Maybe with shoulder chops if necessary but a waste of loin chops. Sometimes I sear them in pan then put pan in oven preheated to 180 for 8min depending on thickness of chop.

fifie, Mar 2, 9:15pm
Loin pork chops, rub with oil s/p brown both sides in a pan, into oven bag lie flat in a o/proof dish put a tablespoon marmalade on each chop and bake slowly about 140c till done, lovely and moist.

sampa, Mar 2, 11:09pm
Yum! Will add oven bags to my shopping list in anticipation of doing them this way thanks fifie. Or. hmm. just thinking that this might also work in my tagine. Worth a go.

edlin, Mar 2, 11:31pm
Another method is to dip them in beaten egg and toss them in breadcrumbs seasoned with whatever you like. Salt,pepper,ginger and a pich of cinnamon is what I often use. Then pop them in the oven when the roast vegetables are half cooked. Turn once. Sorry,I don't really keep note of how long they are in for but the coating keeps them from going dry and stringy. They are however quite different from a lightly cooked chop but we enjoy the coated ones in the winter and the grilled ones with a salad in the summer

kirmag, Apr 17, 6:47am
Cooking this as I type. It's simmering away at the moment and smelling great! Will let ya know how it turns out.

mrsvonflik, Apr 17, 7:10am
Put butter or margarine on chops salt n pepper and grill,If you have marmalade put on other side before you grill it,I buy my pork chops from countdown and always cut the rind thru a couple of centimetres it makes great crackle,

kirmag, Apr 17, 10:50pm
Well the verdict on the Devilled Pork Chops - it was nice, but I don't know maybe a lil too tart or tangy is the word. I think I would have to play with ingredients next time and maybe add some brown sugar, definitely one to work with though. Oh and the pork chops did dry out, but they were thinner cheaper ones so wasn't too surprised with that.

standard, Apr 18, 4:57am
My best friend adds marmalade to the top of the pork chops before roasting, YUMMO

paora-tm, Oct 4, 12:11am
I keep meaning to use that recipe - it looks so interesting although it I think it does probably have far too many ingredients than are necessary. My recipe for non-dry baked pork shoulder chops - just place in an oven bag with a packet of maggi onion soup with apple slices on top and a 1/2 cup of water. Bake for 1 hour at 180C.

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