Wild hare recipe please?

I have a skinned and gutted wild hare in my freezer that Im not sure what to do with.
I have made many rabbit meals for my family that they all have liked but I know that hare is more gamey and don't want to scare my wife and kids off it if I cook it and its still very gamey. Ive got a slow cooker, if thats whats needed.I do need someone who has cooked one before to give me some advice. Ive googled and as usual there are lots of recipes.But you know how that is. prefer not a curry as we have a lot of curried goat. Thankyou.

Chef_..james.., Mar 16, 7:51 am

Do it in the slow cooker, as you would a rabbit, but add some nice wine to the water, or even some cooking wine, that will sweeten it up.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 16, 8:23 am

thank you for that, I notice that wine is a commonly used in gamey food recipes , is there anything else that would compensate for it as we don't buy wine?

Chef_..james.., Mar 16, 8:34 am

Look in the super market, Oriental section, for cooking wine, its clear, you will be able to use it for so many dish's, like pork belly, even over pork chops in a dish and baked, very nice.
Only a couple of dollars a bottle, does not go off, will last some time.

Chef_aj.2., Mar 16, 8:44 am

Try a brine bath overnight before you cook it. Salt, water, herbs. then cook as normal.

Chef_twelve12, Mar 16, 8:52 am

Hare is a very dark meat its delicious, any recipe that works for Venison works well for Hare. Think red wine, rosemary, thyme, sage, juniper berries, mushrooms.

It is like all game meat very lean and sometimes tender sometimes very tough.

The tender part on a hare is the back straps if you can get those out fast fry in a very hot pan cook rare and rest well. Make a sauce to go with it use the flavours above. This is one of my favourite game cuts :)

The legs are generally tougher and really require very long slow cooking (think slow cooker or casserole) using the same flavours discussed above along with onions garlic etc also very nice if a bit rich mmmmmmmmmm.

edit cos I spotted the not having wine bit, substitute with dark red or berry fruits my favourite substitute for red wine is a very rich homemade plum jam. You could also look at boysenberries(sieve out the seeds)

Chef_beaker59, Mar 16, 8:52 am

I actually did this before I freezed it ,as I remembered doing this with rabbits once.
I like the berry substitute for wine mentioned. I have heaps of Chilean guavas that are ripe. mmm They might well be the thing that goes into it. And the kids love picking them so that will get them involved too.

Chef_..james.., Mar 16, 9:28 am

Guavas would be quite nice I think. Probably didn't need the brine its a very different meat to rabbit surprisingly.

Chef_beaker59, Mar 16, 9:34 am

my mum used to sak them in milk i think to get the blood out they have great back straps my dogs love them too

Chef_whitehead., Mar 17, 1:47 am

That is one meat item I only ever wanted to try once, too rich and gamey for me

Chef_rainrain1, Dec 19, 5:48 pm