How many kg/lb toms? need to fill preserving pan

purplegoanna, Jan 12, 9:24pm
i need to put an order in for some toms to make relish. does anyone know how many kgs or lbs it takes to fill an old fashioned huge preserving pan, then i can make some tom relish and show these ozzys what theyve been missing out on

cgvl, Jan 12, 10:02pm
I make either 3, 6 or 12lb toms into relish.
I think most of my recipes are the 6lb/3kg lots which does make a fair amount of relish/chutney.
I think the 12lb tom relish/chutney recipe I have is one my Gmother used to make for her rather large family (12 of them).
These days I tend to go with smaller amounts eg 1kg or similar as we do not seem to eat it as quickly as we used to.

summersunnz, Jan 12, 11:49pm
I use 12lbs/6kg approx too, starts about 3/4 full, cooks down to just under half full. Stir often.
Edmonds recipe is great - I saw a suggestion on here a while ago to use white vinegar instead of malt, makes a more tomato colour rather than brownish colour.

punkinthefirst, Jan 13, 4:05am
Its always better to make a medium size batch rather than a large one. There's less chance of the tomatoes "catching" before the relish is fully cooked and ready to bottle. Grandma had her even-temperatured coal (or wood) range to cook on, which made life easier when it came to making jams, chutneys and relishes.
Don't they have tomato relish in Oz? They really don't know what they're missing!

purplegoanna, Jan 13, 9:35pm
yeah they do but not as nice as the edmonds recipe, the kiwishop imports the cerebos one which is very similiar. i was a bottler back in nz and my grannys pan was one of the many possessions i brought ova with me. the MIL (whos cooked everything ;) ) hasnt coooked this so i figure its time this kiwi gal showed everyone her skills.

punkinthefirst, Jan 19, 6:15pm
You go, girl! But be careful - they'll have it in all their recipe books and claim it as theirs!

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