Frozen banana and apricot

Chef_sniper03, May 12, 6:08 am
Have just discovered some mashed banana and stewed apricot in the freezer dated Jan 2014,would they still be OK? Have been kept in snap lock bags.cheers

Chef_awoftam, May 12, 6:26 am
I wouldn't use them.

Chef_lilyfield, May 12, 7:09 am
I would , without second thoughts

Chef_wildflower, May 12, 7:12 am
As long as they look and smell okay when you thaw them why not?

Chef_ljayl, May 13, 5:40 am
I would

Chef_fifie, May 13, 7:35 am
Long as they haven't discoloured should be fine.

Chef_jubre, May 13, 7:44 am
Of course the will be ok

Chef_awoftam, May 13, 8:10 am
I would apply some common sense.
Bad frozen fruit can have a dull colour and look freezer burnt. I would also check to see if there is a lot of very white ice around it. It would still be usable however taste exceptionally bland - so what would be the point.

Chef_sniper03, Aug 4, 11:05 am
cheers, looks pretty normal to me so will chuck the banana in a cake and see how it turns out,I don't eat banana cake so hubby can be the Guinea pig hehe

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