Can someone answer this for me. please

may321, Jan 20, 7:30am
2 TBSP each of: honey, soya sauce, worchester sauce, tomato sauce and vinegar. Mix together and pour over chicken (placed skin side up) in casserole dish. Lid on and bake around 160-180C for an hour or so. Yum!

would this recipe feed 4 or 6 people. does anyone know please.

herself, Jan 20, 7:55am
It depends on the size of the chicken you use and if you are feeding adults only or children and adults. In my house a size 16 chicken would feed 4 adults plus enough for sandwiches for all of our lunches the next day.

edited to say. It also depends on how big appetites are as well! Every household will be different.

timturtle, Jan 20, 8:01am
It also depends what you are serving it with, are you doing a lot of vege, salad, spuds, rice, breads etc.

timturtle, Jan 20, 8:04am
Sorry meant to say, at a guess i would say 4 people.

duckmoon, Jan 20, 9:22am
don't have enough information.
the key piece of info would be the number of breast/thighs/pieces of chicken you are using.

without this info, I can't tell you how many it will serve.

either way, this amount of marinade would work for 4 or 6

sarahb5, Jan 20, 10:38am
I'd butterfly a size 16 or 18 chicken and use that amount of marinade - would feed 6 adults bearing in mind only 1/4 of your dinner needs to be meat/poultry

fifie, Jan 20, 9:20pm
looks like your wondering if the sauce will be enough for all your chicken. Id say yes, as chicken will produce more juices as it cooks. Make similar sauce using tblsp each ingredient with 5-6 chicken pieces/drums and its plenty.

may321, Jan 21, 6:05am
thanks for your input. i am enlarging the recipe to feed 100 people. thats why i wanted to know. thanks a lot.

aktow, Jan 21, 1:38pm
personally i would use chicken thigh and marinate them in soya sauce, oil, garlic, ginger, five spice, Garam Masala. for at least 24 hours,, i would then tray up the chicken thigh and brush every thigh with a mixture of, tomato sauce, honey, soya sauce and then sprinkle sesame seeds over the chicken,,

niffer13, Jan 21, 7:54pm
I do drum sticks with 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon curry powder. This does 4/5 drum sticks very yummy.
I would use chicken pieces/drum sticks that way no need to carve & just allow 2 per person with a few extras as back up. Will you serve the meal or do they help themselves. Some people pile their plates & last in the queue miss out. [I have been last to find only a bit of lettuce left]

duckmoon, Apr 30, 1:51am
with this information, I will change my answer.

Multiply by 20 and you will have it spot on.

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