How do you make gluten free pasta?

I have just brought a pasta machine and was wondering if anyone has any recipes for gluten free pasta and any handy tips.

Chef_bronski17, Mar 2, 10:52 pm

I expect it would be much the same except with gluten free flour. Egg oil and flour

Chef_arielbooks, Mar 4, 3:09 am

I think you would have to replace the protien with something so maybe Psyliumm husks?

Chef_dapna, Mar 10, 10:30 pm

Jamie Oliver has a good recipe.

Chef_kiwitrish, Mar 10, 11:11 pm

My husband's Coeliac NZ magazine arrived in the mail this morning and they've reviewed a book called 'Goodness Me it's Gluten Free Pasta' by Vanessa Hudson. Says it includes a basic pasta recipe that becomes the basis for many of the recipes throughout the book. Maybe ask your local book store if they stock it, or borrow it from the library?

Chef_ed65, Jan 4, 8:12 am