roxy353, Apr 8, 11:14pm
Dose anyone have a good recipe

kirmag, Apr 8, 11:19pm

I have never made it from a recipe. I make up a mince brew, using lots of herbs, tomatoes, onions, garlic, tomato paste and whatever else happens to get thrown in (usually grated carrot and courgette to get more veges in there. Make a cheese sauce out of a white sauce (roux and milk). Then start layering in big dish. mince, cheese sauce, lasagne sheets. and repeat till all used up ending with cheese sause and grated cheese on top and sprinkled with oregano (cos it's my fav herb).

My mum makes the best lasagne, used to own an Italian restaurant. and has never shared the recipe with me, has cream in the mince instead of a cheese sauce right through and is delicious. one day she might teach me maybe but until then mine are pretty good too.

roxy353, Apr 9, 2:48am
Thank u will try this

rainrain1, Oct 23, 8:03am
The recipe on the diamond lasagne sheets packet is really
good I thought

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