What's a Chuck Roast?

rusty-bones, Jan 24, 3:19am
It's for a slow cooker recipe?

pericles, Jan 24, 3:22am
chuck to me is a slow cooking stew, but a roast?

petal1955, Jan 24, 3:24am
It can be roasted. its beautiful. roast it long and slow. and in an oven bag.

rainrain1, Jan 24, 4:57am
How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?

fifie, Jan 24, 6:03am
Needs to be cooked slowly, rub it with oil crushed garlic s/p brown in hot pan, into crockpot sit it on up turned plate so it off bottom of cooker and dosent dry out, de glaze pan with 1/2-1cup red wine tip over roast cook. Rest and slice.

datoofairy, Jan 24, 6:13am
Its a piece of meat my mother has roasted, which is then only suitable to be chucked out.

rusty-bones, Jan 24, 6:15am
I have the recipe but just have never seen a chuck roast before? I know the chuck steak for stews. But I need a roast size.

rusty-bones, Jan 24, 6:16am
It's a crock pot recipe to, not roasted.

rainrain1, Jan 24, 6:24am
Probably a good piece to stuff with something tasty, tie with string and roast

roys351, Jan 24, 6:43am
its probably something like what americans call pot roast

fifie, Jan 24, 8:44am
Chuck roast sold in a piece is a more economical cut of beef for a roast, its usually sold as steak to chop into pieces and make a stew with but some butchers do this now. Still lovely slow cooked, or pot roasted.

peter148, Jan 24, 10:38am
I would consider it to be shoulder meat, definitely a stew.

punkinthefirst, Jan 24, 11:11am
It's from the shoulder area, full of flavour, and should be braised or pot-roasted. Don't even think about roasting it in the normal way, because it will be tough and stringy. Brown it all over in a little fat, drain most of the fat off, then lay the meat on a bed of vegetables like carrots, onions, celery, etc. Add good stock, then cover tightly and cook very slowly until it is tender. Lift the meat out and make gravy of the stock. Serve with your usual vegetables. Enjoy.

lythande1, Apr 24, 3:17am
Chuck is sold as a pot roast or stewing meat. MMm. nice pot roasts!

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